The popularity of discontinued subcompacts

The discontinued Geo MetroAre high gas prices driving thrifty commuters to the subcompacts of yesteryear?

As automakers are now finding out, it’s hard for someone to justify spending (at least) $20K for a car to save gas. Makes about as much sense as fighting for peace, or fucking for virginity.

Not exactly revolutionary thought, is it? Somehow, I manage to find an article written every day that seems to be written as if the author is shocked (shocked, I tell you) at the revelation that consumers aren’t willing to spend a lot of money to save gas money.

Here’s the latest, from

Since high prices and long waiting lists may be prohibitive for some to purchase the most popular fuel-efficient rides, many shoppers looking to conserve gas have gone retro, instead. pointed to a surge in popularity on its site for economy cars built in the mid- to late-1990s, many of which have been discontinued. For instance, cars like the Metro and Prizm from the now-defunct Geo brand have experienced a more 200% rise in consumer searches in the last year. As such, this uncharacteristic jump in popularity has caused the prices of these discontinued to increase, as well.

Just like how there is new interest in Vespas and other things small yet stylish, I think you’re going to be seeing more Geo Metros. Plus, they make for funny loser commercials, as seen below:

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