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Tilt shift drift

I’ve seen tilt-shift before, but this video of the Formula D event in Sonoma in tilt-shift is incredible looking. Formula D Sonoma | Tilt Shift

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Insane cars with Hayabusa engines

After hearing that the new BMW K1600 inline six might be the new weapon of choice for micro car engine swaps (despite being larger and having less power), I thought I might do a quick post with a few micro cars with the power of the raging Hayabusa. Smart car (awesome action at 0:50): “Diablo” Smart car (warning – extremely […]

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Mega stanced bB from Phaze2
HeyyyMikeyyyyyy's Scion xB

HeyyyMikeyyyyyy! out and about in his sweet box from Phaze2.

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It was a date

Quite possibly the best automotive film ever made. Highly illegal, this movie was shot on the down low by Claude Lelouch in 1976 in the early morning hours of Paris. Wikipedia entry for C’├ętait un rendez-vous here

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Kia Soul Rock!
Kia Soul, complete with hamsters

Now is truly a great time to be in the market for a small car. You no longer need to give up the fun of driving just to have a small, fuel efficient car. Gone are the days of the soulless econobox. (you’ll note the shameless segue…)

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Holy flying Sidekick!
From the redneck olympics...

Small SUVs like the Suzuki Sidekick apparently fly really well. Take note of the ballast removal prior to flight, and the high numbers of beers. Well duh. Some NSFW (not safe for work) language, so turn down your speakers if the need warrants. Who knew?

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The popularity of discontinued subcompacts

Are high gas prices driving thrifty commuters to the subcompacts of yesteryear? As automakers are now finding out, it’s hard for someone to justify spending (at least) $20K for a car to save gas. Makes about as much sense as fighting for peace, or fucking for virginity.

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Soccer game with Toyota Yaris players?

I was watching Top Gear last night on BBC America, which is a Monday night staple in my home. The hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May consistently make Top Gear one of the best automotive television shows worldwide. For any gearhead, I highly recommend checking it out. Episodes are scattered all over YouTube, so they’re not hard to […]

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