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I need to keep a better camera in my car. A couple weeks ago I photographed the Nissan S-Cargo on the freeway, and yesterday I spotted a Volksrod. Check it out!

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This morning’s strange car was a Nissan S-Cargo
Nissan S-Cargo

The Japanese Kei Car pool on Flickr came through. As it turns out, the strange vehicle I saw this morning was a Nissan S-Cargo (snail pun probably intended). According to the Wikipedia article it was a small van produced in Japan from 1989-1992. S-Cargo vans(?) were exported for use in other countries, and are coveted as business advertisement vehicles for […]

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What kind of car is this?
What the hell kind of car did I see this morning?

This interesting looking creation caught my eye this morning in traffic on the freeway. It had manufacturer plates and yellow round bug-eyed headlights. I was near the Nissan manufacturing facility, which would seem to go with how unique it looked. I think I’ll upload the pictures to flickr and add them to the Kei Cars pool to see if anyone […]

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Chevrolet Volt real world MPG numbers are not so great

I guess I should express admiration for Chevrolet in taking its first step to create an electric/gas vehicle into production that’s not just a limited range pure electric or adding another crappy hybrid to its fleet of Tahoes. But I can’t. According to real world road tests done by Popular Mechanics, you can only expect to go just over 30 […]

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Smart partners with Nissan to make even uglier cars
Ugly assed Smart Versa

While tiny little cars might have seemed like a star in the face of five-bucks-a-gallon gas, they don’t shine so brightly when gas is back under three a gallon. What’s the solution to this? How about rebadging a Nissan Versa and selling it as a Smart? Brilliant!

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1,500 miles on a single tank of fuel

Yup, you read that right. A VW Passat Bluemotion has was followed around by a Guinness crew, who witnessed a 20.4 gallon tank be completely filled up with diesel and emptied 1,527 miles later. Average speed for the trip was 45 MPH. That’s some pretty good mpg, Hans. Of course, domestic automakers continue to build giant SUVs and hope their […]

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Tilt shift drift

I’ve seen tilt-shift before, but this video of the Formula D event in Sonoma in tilt-shift is incredible looking. Formula D Sonoma | Tilt Shift

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Insane cars with Hayabusa engines

After hearing that the new BMW K1600 inline six might be the new weapon of choice for micro car engine swaps (despite being larger and having less power), I thought I might do a quick post with a few micro cars with the power of the raging Hayabusa. Smart car (awesome action at 0:50): “Diablo” Smart car (warning – extremely […]

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Nissan stops taking reservations for Leaf electric car
No more Nissan Leaf reservations taken

Hope you got your order in early if you wanted one… We are thrilled with the overwhelming enthusiasm people like you have shown for the 100% electric Nissan LEAF™. To date, 20,000 people have already reserved a LEAF – a number that has exceeded our expectations. We have completed the first phase of reservations. In order to provide the best […]

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Stanced Nissan Juke
Stanced Nissan Juke after Photoshop

OK, it’s just a photoshop of one, but still. I never would have thought this ugly mini-SUV could be morphed into something I’d be happy to roll. Click picture to view full size Original: Photoshop:

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