After years of being a car guy, I’ve owned many different types of cars, including muscle cars, hot rods, trucks, normal plain-jane cars, SUVs, classics, and even a motorcycle or two. For small cars in particular, I’ve had many air-cooled Volkswagens, a Nissan Sentra, a first gen RX7, a first gen Eclipse, a Mazda Protege, a Chevrolet S-10, an EG Civic and now a Scion xB.

I realized a few months ago that the small cars I’ve had have always been more enjoyable and easier to live with than my other cars. I love my Chevelle (most of the time), but I can’t drive that car everyday. I’ve had more fun rolling my xB in the past six months and driving it every day than I’ve had in the Chevelle in five years. Plus, I can turn and stop.

As it turns out, I’m not the only person who knows this. Once I started digging around, I found that small car drivers (of both slow and fast cars) really love their cars. Love is actually an understatement.

They’re dedicated to their cars.

It’s a cult. I decided to start a Cult of the Small Car.

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