Project 67 Mustang

Over a year ago we told you we were getting back on our 67 Mustang Fastback. This car has been in my garage or back yard for over 30 years! Early on it was my daily driver and then served as the “school car” for each of my three kids. They all contributed to adding a dent or two here and there. It has gone through a couple of different life cycles but it is now officially my driver classic.

The car is a real deal Southern California car and has next to no rust but it has been messed with a lot which is ok with me. Our first steps to getting it back to life for cruising have been documented on this site before. You can see the repairs to the rear of our Project Car by Clicking Here.

Last year we added new wheels and tires, new bumpers and cleaned up the interior some. Once we started driving it there were some issues we weren’t happy with so the car went back into storage for a year while we finished up some other cars. Now we are honestly back on it to make it a safe, comfortable touring car that will get out and drive long distances without worry.

Watch for our next report coming very soon!

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