Project 1985 Fiero Part 1

Since most enthusiast forums have died out these days, most of the best project car builds you see are on YouTube. Not only is YouTube an outstanding format for project builds since you can choose to just post pictures and text (like on a forum) or you can go all out. Builders can show time lapse builds, they can choose… Read more →

Memory Lane Museum

Mooresville NC While participating in the Trump Charlotte Concours d’Elegance in 2018 we took time out to visit the Memory Lane Museum in Mooresville NC. Their web site suggest a little more than the museum delivers. It is contained in a large building and has a lot of cars and related “stuff” in it but the displays are poorly kept.… Read more →

Nissan S-Cargo

This morning’s strange car was a Nissan S-Cargo

The Japanese Kei Car pool on Flickr came through. As it turns out, the strange vehicle I saw this morning was a Nissan S-Cargo (snail pun probably intended). According to the Wikipedia article it was a small van produced in Japan from 1989-1992. S-Cargo vans(?) were exported for use in other countries, and are coveted as business advertisement vehicles for… Read more →

What the hell kind of car did I see this morning?

What kind of car is this?

This interesting looking creation caught my eye this morning in traffic on the freeway. It had manufacturer plates and yellow round bug-eyed headlights. I was near the Nissan manufacturing facility, which would seem to go with how unique it looked. I think I’ll upload the pictures to flickr and add them to the Kei Cars pool to see if anyone… Read more →

Chevrolet Volt real world MPG numbers are not so great

I guess I should express admiration for Chevrolet in taking its first step to create an electric/gas vehicle into production that’s not just a limited range pure electric or adding another crappy hybrid to its fleet of Tahoes. But I can’t. According to real world road tests done by Popular Mechanics, you can only expect to go just over 30… Read more →